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Our Advisory Board

  • Pat Caputo

    Pat Caputo

    Owner, Alexander's of Ghent

  • Ryan Conrad

    Ryan Conrad

    Training & Charity Relations Director, J&A Racing

    Graduate of Juniata College

  • Herb Davis

    Herb Davis

    President, HBD Build, Inc.

    Attended Virginia Tech

  • Dr. Eric Madren

    Dr. Eric Madren

    Family Physician, Princess Anne Medical Associates

    Graduate of Georgetown University with MD degree from the University of Virginia School of Medicine

  • Don O’Brian

    Don O'Brian

    Retired Assistant Vice President-Public Affairs, Norfolk Southern Corporation

    Graduate of University of Maryland

  • John Panneton

    John Panneton

    Retired, United States Marine Corps

    Past National President Navy League of the United States

  • Rob Prodan

    Rob Prodan

    President, HAV, Inc. and Branch Pilot in the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • Jim Reeve

    Jim Reeve

    Owner, Baja Restaurant and President, Eco-Systems, Inc. Served Virginia Beach City Council 2002-2006

    Graduate of Virginia Tech with a Masters in Business Administration from The College of William & Mary

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