To provide, promote and support equine assisted activities for active, reserve and retired military personnel who have been injured in the line of duty.


EQUI-VETS Service Program Photo

Located in Hampton Roads with the second largest concentration of active and retired military in the country, the EQUI-VETS program provides an invaluable service to benefit those in our community who have served our country. Wounded service members often come home to lives that are greatly different than the lives they led prior to an injury. Not only are they recuperating physically, but also emotionally.

Our goal is to assist in physical and mental healing through equine activities to help our heroes reconnect to their families and their lives. We offer this program at no cost to the participants and must rely on donations to this valuable service can continue to be offered to those who put themselves in harm’s way defending our freedom.

EQUI-VETS Activities

In order to meet the needs of wounded service men and women, EQUI-VETS offers therapeutic horseback riding sessions, as well as horse care activities including grooming, tacking and general care of our animals. We also have many EQUI-VETS who lend a hand to support the operation of our facility as volunteers each week.

EQUI-VETS therapeutic riding sessions are held under the direct supervision of a registered nurse, board certified in Psychiatric/Mental Health, and a PATH, Intl. Certified Instructor.


Our EQUI-VETS Service Program is offered year round to qualifying participants for six weekly sessions. Participants may request consideration to participate in future sessions based on space and availability.

EQUI-VETS Participant Application

EQUI-VETS Service Program is offered year round to participants with a qualified disability (social, emotional, mental or physical).

Download the EQUI-VETS Service Program Application


EQUI-VETS Service Program

"Over 6 1/2 years ago my life was changed forever. I was almost killed in a high voltage electrical accident while serving overseas. The hardest thing I had to deal with was the emotional torment my mind would put me through on a daily basis. To all those that contribute and support the EQUI-VETS program, whether it be by donations or by volunteering, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. They gave us our life back."

-- Brown, United States Air Force
EQUI-VETS Service Program

"The EQUI-VETS program has been great and rewarding for me. Riding and helping around the farm are truly the best part of my day. I feel fortunate to have this program in my life."

-- Mark, United States Marine Corps
EQUI-VETS Service Program

"The service that EQUI-VETS has provided to me is by far the best treatment I have received since my return home. I love it and recommend it to all U.S. Vets who could benefit from being here."

-- Trevor, United States Air Force