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Our amazing team of therapy horses and ponies provide an invaluable service to the special needs community and we are tremendously grateful to have the chance to work with them every day.

We extend our most sincere appreciation to our 2013/2014 Horse and Pony Sponsors for your shared commitment to offering a world free from disability to our inspirational students. Thank you for supporting our four-legged heroes!

  • Bananas


    Marcia & Anthony Ellinor

    Bananarama, also known as Bananas, is a pint-size palomino Welsh pony gelding who retired from the hunter show circuit to take on a new job here at EQUI-KIDS. He stands 12.1 hands high and was born in 1990. Bananas loves the smallest of riders and he always wants to be the center of attention. When he is in his stall, will often nicker out to remind us that he waiting for his next lesson!

  • Cambria


    Andrea and Bill Thompson

    This fabulous big boned girl is stunning! Cambria is a lovely black and white tobiano paint with a sprinkle of Appaloosa, draft and Quarter Horse. She joined the program in June 2014 and has quickly become a rider favorite for her smooth, easy gates. Cambria is an excellent horse for both beginners and more seasoned riders.

  • Danny


    Gino Gonzalez

    Danny is a dashing gray 15.3h Missouri Fox Trotter gelding born in 1996. He loves attention and is very affectionate. In his career prior to joining the program he was ridden western . . . and he neck reins beautifully! He has quickly become a favorite among both EQUI-KIDS and EQUI-VETS riders!

  • Geronimo


    Tim and Terri Harrison

    From his distinct paint markings to his unusual pace, Geronimo gives our rider’s a different ride than what they are used to given his symmetrical gait. Much like Astro, he loves to clown around and be the center of attention, but he also knows when it is time to settle down and do his job. His thick mane helps riders feel safe and secure in the saddle, and in a short time, he has proven to be one of our most dynamic therapeutic heroes in the herd.

  • Hanni


    Jason, Heather, Lexi and Jillian Burnett

    Hanni joined the herd in early fall of 2014. In a short amount of time he has made quite a splash with his remarkable work ethic, dashing good looks and gallant demeanor. As the only Gypsy Vanner in the barn, his striking black and white coat, flowing mane and tail, and magnificent feathers make him quite the popular fella! But don’t let his good looks fool you, he is one of the hardest working members of the herd!

  • Hopper


    Chris & Diana Bennett
    Surf Rider Restaurant Group

    This sweet boy is a Bashkir Curly/Morgan cross. Bashkir’s are well known for their calm, intelligent and friendly personality. Hopper was a show pony before coming to EQUI-KIDS. He is a great therapy horse because he is as steady as they come! Hopper enjoys his ‘off time’ with his pasture mates, and his favorite pace is ‘WHOA.’

  • Jack


    The Boys from the Club

    Sweet jack was born in 1998. He is a black Percheron who was an Amish cart horse for many years. With his high headset and gentle giant demeanor, he is certainly one of the most regal looking horses in the barn. Jack loves people and he is very sweet. He is like a big teddy bear that you just can’t hug enough! He is a great mount for beginners and for more experienced rider, children and adults . . . and you can sit his trot all day long! We are very excited to have Jack as the newest member of the equine therapy team.

  • Katie


    Trey and Elissa White

    Pantaloon’s Classic Touch, affectionately known as “Katie,” is undoubtedly one of the sweetest girls we have in our barn. (Volunteers not included, of course!) Born in 1996, this light grey 14 hand Welsh cross was made to be a part of our program! Her past career in the children’s show circuit gives her a level headed attitude, and her sweet personality gives her an almost maternal personality with visitors, staff, volunteers, and students alike. Don’t let her petite frame fool you, this girl has a giant heart of gold that makes her a priceless addition to our program.

  • Levi


    Andrea and Bill Thompson

    It’s hard to believe that this wonderful equine therapist was found at an auction house and his fate hung in the balance, but thanks to the compassion of a family who saw something special in him, he was given a new life as a lesson pony prior to joining the EQUI-KIDS team. With his calm demeanor and easy-going attitude, Levi has proven to have what it takes to serve severely disabled riders, as well as independent riders. With his floppy ears, kind eye and playful curiosity, it’s no wonder Levi has become the barn favorite of so many here at EQUI-KIDS!

  • Rainy


    "Buffalo Bob" Buchanan

    Champagne Wishes, better known as Rainy, was born in 1993. She is a white Welsh cross mare who may be small, but her personality is as big as they get! Rainy joined the EQUI-KIDS team in the summer of 2010.

  • Sadie


    Jason, Heather, Lexi & Jillian Burnett

    Sadie is a Retired Virginia Beach Mounted Police Horse, one of three that EQUI-KIDS has had in our program over the years. At 16 hands high, this black Percheron-Quarter Cross mare is a staple to our herd, and it would take two horses to fill her shoes! The joy you see in the faces of her young riders when working with this larger-than-life girl is truly priceless!

  • Sunny


    In Memory of Missy Faulkner

    Sunbeam, affectionately known as ‘Sunny’ is a gorgeous palomino Missouri Fox Trotter who joined the program in October 2013. With his flowing blonde mane and stunning good looks, this sweet fella has won the hearts of many in the barn!

  • Trooper


    R&DA Military Assistance Program

    Trooper joined our program in the summer of 2013. With his impressive size and stature, as well as his regal demeanor, he is wonderful addition to the barn because he serves both EQUI-KIDS and EQUI-VETS. Trooper is a Percheron/Thoroughbred cross, but you can see he is definitely leaning on the Percheron side! Not only is he the largest in our herd, he also has the best forelock in the barn!

  • Willie


    Imperatis Corp.

    “Toddie Sunrise,” affectionately known around the farm as Willie, is a wonderful deep chestnut red American Quarter Horse gelding who joined our program in July of 2013.  Born in 1999, Willie is curious and cuddly, and he absolutely loves attention! He excels as one of our very best in serving our independent participants . . . and his EQUI-KIDS and EQUI-VETS riders adore him (along with the rest of us!)

Horses On Trial

EQUI-KIDS also has several horses and ponies on trial.

In Loving Memory

With heavy hearts we sometimes have to say good-bye to our amazing program horses.
  • Carey



    Best Friends Forever, known around the barn as Carey, was one of our longest residents. This chestnut Arabian cross mare stood 13.3 hands high making her the ideal size for riders who need extra support; and our students enjoyed her bouncy trot and big personality! Carey will be forever remembered by her riders for giving them the chance to have their ability outshine their disability. She remains loved by us all.

Horse Sponsorships

For more information about sponsoring one of our hard-working program horses or ponies, visit our donation page or give us a call us at (757) 721-7350.
EQUI-KIDS' horses excel in their jobs,
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