Our Staff

Stacy Rogers
Executive Director

Kathy Chitwood
Program Director

Tori Arboneaux
Development Director

Billy Hadaway
Site Supervisor

Karen Barbour
Administrative Assistant

Candyce Boykin
Volunteer Coordinator

(Certified Instructor)
Laura Burns
Physical Therapist

Eileen Garcia
Accounting Specialist

Lisa Jankowski-Monette
Barn Manager

Certified Instructor
Hollis Lichford
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

Certified Instructor
Phillippa Leo
Physical Therapist

Molly Morrow
Certified Instructor

Chelsea Pitonyak
Physical Therapist

Susan Watkins
Certified Instructor

Melanie Huss
Mental Health Specialist

Kara Smithson
Assistant Barn Manager

Amanda Norbie
Facilities Technician

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