How The Process Works

The process to become an EQUI-KIDS participant involves many steps. It is important to us that all who participate have the potential to benefit from our services, so we want to be sure each individual is a good fit. The following is the step-by-step process for getting involved with the program:

1. Contact Our Program Director

Please email our Program Director  or call 757.721.7350. Please provide information detailing the age, diagnosis (medical and/or mental health) and physical limitations of the prospective participant.

2. Receive Feedback

The Program Director will contact you by phone or email to discuss the information you’ve provided, ask for further details and determine if our programs are likely to benefit the prospective participant.

3. Schedule Assessment

If the Program Director believes our services can benefit the prospective participant, she will schedule an assessment. During the assessment, the prospective rider and family members or caretaker will meet with a PATH-registered instructor to determine which of our programs would be appropriate. Visitors will also go for a facility tour, meet the horses (no riding), and discuss and review the registration process and materials.

4. Complete Registration Packet

A registration packet will be provided at the assessment, which must be submitted annually. It includes the following documents:

  • Participant Application
  • Participant Medical History & Physician Statement
  • Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Lesson/Camp Policies & Procedures
  • Participant Goals & Expectations
  • Photograph & Media Release
  • Participant Release Agreement
therapists for people
5. Processing of Registration Forms

The Registration Packet will be reviewed and program opening availability will be determined. EQUI-KIDS can provide services to a maximum of 110 riders per week. If no openings are currently available, riders will be placed on the waitlist.

6. Scheduling

The Program Director will send a signup form to determine the rider’s availability.

The average time between contacting our Program Director and participating in the first lesson is two months. This can vary based on the timeliness of submitted documents, lesson availability, rider’s schedule, etc.

For more information about our critical program services, contact our Program Director at 757.721.7350 or via email.

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