Participants will have a weekly lesson for the duration of the session. Sessions run for six weeks. We want our services to be available to all who would benefit from them and charge only a nominal fee for our lessons. We never turn away a participant due to financial constraints and gladly offer scholarships from our program sponsors to anyone facing financial hardship.

Therapeutic Riding Lessons (Mounted)

Therapeutic riding lessons are offered throughout the year in 6-week sessions.

(1 Participant)
30 Minutes $65
(2 Participants)
45 Minutes $45
(3-4 Participants)
55 Minutes $35

Cost for 6-week Therapeutic Riding Session: $210-$390 based on lesson type.

Therapeutic Horsemanship Lessons (Unmounted)

Therapeutic horsemanship lessons are offered throughout the year in 6-week sessions.

(1 Participant)
30 Minutes $45
(3-4 Participants)
50 Minutes $25

Cost for 6-week Therapeutic Horsemanship Session: $150-$270 based on lesson type

Private lessons include 1 participant.

Semi-private lessons include 2 participants.

Group lessons include 3-4 participants.

As a thank-you to the members of our armed services for their selflessness and sacrifice, our EQUI-VETS program is offered at no cost. 

Individual and group sessions with a licensed mental health professional are available.

Please call for information.
For more information, please contact:
Kathy Chitwood, Program Director | 757-721-7350

For more information about our critical program services, contact our Program Director at 757.721.7350 or via email.

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