Thank you to all of our generous program partners for the significant impact you have on those we serve.

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EQUI-KIDS partners with Virginia Beach City Public Schools to provide therapeutic services to special needs children with mental and physical disabilities. The School Partnership Program (SPP) utilizes equine-assisted activities to augment education and life skills, as well as quality of life, for special needs children. This unique program improves disabled children’s learning comprehension, social interactions and self-esteem, and increases their focus and attention, both inside the classroom and at home. The primary goal of this partnership is to provide an opportunity for special needs elementary and middle school students to enhance their education and life skills. Students build trust with the horses and develop a bond that helps foster independence and confidence. The positive responses of the educators who assist us in implementing and refining the SPP curriculum are a reflection of the success of the program. Some of the observable benefits that have enhanced the overall learning capabilities of their students include enhanced concentration and focus, greater learning retention, and improved socialization and communication.

EQUI-KIDS is also proud to partner with the VBCPS Office of Exceptional Children through their work experience program. In this program and in partnership with the school, a certified EQUI-KIDS instructor provides job coaching to disabled young adults. The goal of the program is to help them acquire life skills in preparation for the time when they will age out of the public school system. The and hands-on training for tasks and social skills that they receive are essential to preparing them to enter the workplace.

100% of the individuals who participate in the EQUI-VETS and Naval Medical Center Portsmouth are transitioning veterans.

EQUI-KIDS also has partnerships with the Hampton Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Naval Medical Center Portsmouth for the purpose of its EQUI-VETS program. Of the latter, 100% of those individuals are transitioning veterans. The therapeutic use of animals, specifically horses, is a proven treatment option for wounded warriors, particularly those facing issues due to PTSD and TBI. The partnership with these entities provides EQUI-KIDS with a steady stream of veteran referrals who are pre-assessed and deemed suitable candidates by these partner organizations. 

Additionally, EQUI-KIDS has educational partnerships with the physical therapy programs at Tidewater Community College and South University. Students from their physical therapy programs come to the EQUI-KIDS facility for clinical therapy demonstrations with the organization’s physical and occupational therapists. The services we provide through a variety of programs and proven therapies offer a broad spectrum of potential benefits for those suffering from wounds inside and out. The impact we have is powerful and our program is 100% privately funded.

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